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Learn how to sculpt and paint a semi realistic Pumpkin Lantern with Air Dry Clay and Acrylic paint.

22 pages with over 100 photos and in-depth explanations of each stage.
This tutorial is suitable for beginners but can be a little tricky in the later stages.  It will teach you techniques for sculpting with Air Dry Clay, and some basic painting techniques of Dry brushing and using washes to build colour.
It can also be used to make a solid Pumpkin sculpture.

This is not a physical item, it is a PDF document that you can print out at home or just use by viewing on your device.

With this purchase you will receive one PDF document - Bakenekoya_ClayPumpkinLantern

To complete this tutorial you will need:

Air Dry Clay - I have used Pebeo, Gedeo Non-Firing Clay.  Any brand or Air Dry Clay will work, this clay is a little more expensive than some but worth it for the superior quality.

Basic Sculpting tools - A basic set of wood or plastic sculpting tools.  But you can just use a table knife or other kitchen utensils.

Rolling pin - Any type will work, I use an acrylic rolling pin.

Filling - You can use pretty much anything that you can scrunch up into a ball shape then pull away. I have used cotton wool balls stuffed into a compostable bag.

Bowl - For water, any size.

Paint Brushes - Soft bristled but firm brushes, nylon or natural bristles. A flat and a round brush are useful.

Acrylic Paint - In whatever colours you would like to paint your pumpkin.  I have used orange, cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, dark green, burnt umber and white.

LED Tealight - You MUST use an LED tealight.

Sculpture tutorial Clay Pumpkin Lantern. Digital file dowload.

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