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Meet the Team


Amy Clarke

Lead Sculptor






Art Director

Hi my name is Amy I'm a self taught sculptor, originally from North Yorkshire, now living in Cheshire with my boyfriend and my two beautiful cats, Sen and Kai.


I work with a variety of different mediums, wax, polymer clay, air dry clay, and oil clay.

I make one of a kind sculptures and also make silicone moulds and cast my sculptures and masks in resin.

My work is hand painted and airbrushed in acrylics.


I am passionate about all crafts and am constantly trying new things, check out my social media to see what I'm getting up to, and also take a look at my digital tutorials if you fancy having a go at something yourself.

What does Bakenekoya mean?


Bakenekoya roughly translates to the monster cat store.  Bakeneko - Monster cat. Ya - store



A Bakeneko is a mythical creature from Japan, a cat that has transformed into a Yokai (Supernatural being).

A cat can transform into a Bakeneko by either living to a certain age, their owners allowing their tail to grow long and split into two, or if they have been mistreated, they will transform to take revenge... so be very nice to your cat!

The Bakeneko has various abilities including shapeshifting, speaking human words, manipulating they dead, possessing the living, cursing humans and … wearing a napkin on it's head and dancing...



Basic Information

Custom Work

Fan Art




Basic information


All items in my store are hand made by myself (Amy Clarke) from my original designs or the designs of collaborating artists.


The majority of my work is originally sculpted in wax, Monster Clay, Chavant or Polymer clay. I then make moulds from RTV silicone and cast in polyurethane resin. The pieces are then painted with acrylics and finished with a coat of lacquer.


If there is an item you want that is not in stock please contact me using the contact page/form or email me at

Custom work


I only take on custom work very occasionally due to time constraints, please feel free to email me with your request and I will look into it for you.  Bear in mind that custom work is much more expensive than resin cast pieces


I do not accept commissions for custom masks. The time and cost of making a custom mask is far too much for one of a kind pieces.

If you require any kind of custom work please contact me well in advance of the time it is needed for, I am the sole person working on this stuff so it can take some time before I am able to start a new project.


Custom work is non refundable, and payment is required before I begin work.


Fan Art


I only make Fan art as gifts for friends and family or for fun. I do not sell any fan art pieces... ever.




My masks are intended as costume pieces or for display, they are not suitable for protective wear, or for wearing whilst engaged in any kind of physical activity. I am not responsible for any damage or injury caused through misuse.


All of my masks have been coated with lacquer to protect the paint work, but can still be scratched, be careful whilst wearing, handling and storing your mask.


Polyurethane resin can warp with heat, do not leave your mask by any source of heat or in direct sunlight.

Storing your mask sitting on the sides for long periods in a warm temperature may also cause it to spread a little, if you want to keep your mask out on display I recommend storing it on a mask stand or anything else that will support it's weight.

You can hang your mask for display on a wall from the strap holes in the sides of your mask.


Do not wash your mask, especially with any soap or solvent as this will damage the paint work.  If your mask becomes dirty gently wipe with water and a soft cloth only.

You may need to add foam to pad the inside of your mask for a comfortable fit.  I recommend using a soft upholstery foam, attach with a strong glue like epoxy, or all purpose glue. Leave plenty of time for it to set before wearing your mask.



Costs are calculated at checkout.  I send all of my orders with Royal mail.

I do not send low priced items as tracked delivery as the cost is too great.

All other items are sent tracked. You can track your shipment through the royal mail site until it has left the country, then through your countries mail carrier.


Shipping timescales are as follows:


UK Mail:

1st class signed - delivery aim: 1-2 days

Special delivery - delivery aim: 1-2 days




Standard airmail:

Europe - delivery aim: 3-5 working days

Worldwide - delivery aim: 6-7 working days


Europe - delivery aim: 3-5 working days

Worldwide - delivery aim: 5-7 working days

Please be aware these timescales are only an estimation, shipping may take longer than this.


Please do not ask for your item to be sent to a different address than the one provided with your order, I can only ship to the address provided at the time or purchase. Please ensure your shipping information is correct before you place an order.


Customs and import taxes


Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.



Contact me within 14 days of delivery

Return items within 30 days of delivers


The following items can't be returned or exchanged

Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can't accept returns for:

Custom Work – this includes custom made sculptures or custom painted work


Digital downloads

Items on sale

Damaged/Lost items


If your order has been damaged in transit you will need to take photographs of the packaging and the damaged item then send them to me, this is necessary for making an insurance claim, without this I cannot claim/issue any refunds.

Items are only considered lost through royal mail if they have not been delivered within 25 days, if it has been less than this time please be patient, international orders can sometimes be slow.

If your shipment is late please check the tracking page of your local delivery service or with with your local delivery office, quite often delivery attempts have been made but a notification has not been left.

If there is no sign of your shipment after 25 days please contact me, I can try to make an insurance claim to recover the cost of the item.


By finalizing your order, you acknowledge you have read , understand, and agree to all information stated above and in the purchased products description.

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Basic Information
Custom Work
Fan Art
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