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This is a digital download tutorial.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make beautiful Kanzashi flowers from fabric.  You will learn how to make round and pointed petals with multiple techniques, and how to turn these into jewellery or hair decorations.  
I will also show you how to use the Kanzashi maker tool by Clover.

There are links within the tutorial to accompanying videos showing how to make each petal.

With this purchase you will receive an 18 page PDF document – Bakenekoya – Kanzashi flowers Vol 1.

Tools you will need:

Cotton fabric - heavy cotton fabric is best, especially for larger flowers as it holds it’s shape well.  If your fabric is a little thin you can stiffen it by using iron on interfacing.


Pen - any pen or pencil that will mark fabric, but you may need a white fabric pencil if you are using dark material.

Scissors - some sharp fabric scissors.

Cotton thread and a needle - I recommend Guterman thread as it is very strong and comes in a wide variety of colours.  

Hot glue gun - Mini size is best as you can be more precise.

Beads, buttons, artificial stamens  - anything that will look nice as the centre of your flower.

Hair clip, brooch back, hair band - depending on what you would like to make.

Felt - used to make a backing for your flower.

Optional -
Small quilting pegs, to hold the petals together.

Clover orchid Petal Kanzashi Maker - if you would like to try using this tool.

Caution, this tutorial includes the use of a hot glue gun, sharp scissors and needles, therefore is not suitable for children.
I am not responsible for any injury that may be caused by using these tools/this tutorial.

Craft Tutorial - How to make Kanzashi Flowers vol 1 - Fabric Flowers

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