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Learn how to Crochet for absolute beginners.  Photo and Video tutorials.

This is a detailed tutorial, made in two parts.  

In Volume one you will learn about the tools and materials needed to get started, I will also cover the basics of patterns, crochet terms/abbreviations and useful information like how to count rows.

Volume two gives clear instructions how to make a Slip knot, Chain Stitch, Double Crochet, Treble Crochet, how to change colours and how to finish off.

There are also links for Video tutorials on YouTube.

This tutorial is best suited for those with little to no experience with Crochet, or for those who need a refresher course.

This is not a physical item, it is a PDF document that you can print out at home or just use by viewing on your device.

With this purchase you will receive one Zip file containing two PDF documents:
and an additional a text file with links to the videos, in case the links in the PDF documents don't work in your browser.

To complete this tutorial you will need:

Yarn -  The choice of yarn is up to you, although I do recommend starting with a Chunky yarn as it can be easier to see your stitches. Also a light colour is best.

The weight of your yarn may be listed as a number, in this case a number 5-6.  The Yarn you use will have a recommended hook size on the label.
 I am using a Women's Institute brand, Chunky weight.  

Crochet hook - Size 8 - 10 mm, US hook sizes L/11 - M/15
I am using a 10mm Hook.

Yarn Needle - Or a large darning needle.


Beginners Crochet Tutorial. Digital file dowload.

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